Brown Dock Services
Belgrade Lakes Maine

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Easy Installation:

  • One selection can be installed at a time
  • Easily held in place by spring loaded lever locks.
  • No tools needed
  • Leg adjustment also done without tools. Easily adjustable height as lake depth changes.
  • Installs easily by two people
  • Brown Dock Services utilizes G & L Contracting of Belgrade Lakes for all their dock installations.  G & L Contracting is a professional insured business with 10 years experience and hundreds of docks installed each year.

Float: Inverted with the  leg assemblies  attached, each cedar section floatseasily into place

Flip: The offset weight created by the leg assembly facilitates an easy flip into position

Fasten: The mounting channel of the new section rests in the channel if the existing section. Simply release the spring loaded Dock Lever Lock and the two sections become one.


Adjusting and leveling

Once the sections are in position , the installer steps down on the foot pad , setting the leg to the proper height

Now spend the rest of the day enjoying the lake.
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